Un Beau Film Sur Le Printemps
Format: 3D Digital Video. ‘Minhirig’ Camera system. Stereo pairs

Synopsis: “Let’s film the arrival of spring in 3Ds stereoscopy!”. This was the challenge to the winners of the “MinHirig Trophy”. The aim was to share a few snapshots of the world around them, creating a kind of souvenir book of this very special “Covid year”. The winners responded with enthusiasm and surprise! It’s a mix of styles, dramatic images, travels, quirky moments…

A very proud winner of a MinHirig Trophy, I was asked by it’s creator, Minh Hoang to participate in the project described above, along with other winning directors:

Franck Saint-Cast
Fabien Remblier
Nolwenn Guiziou
Jean-Marie Boulet

Our resulting film is 18 minutes long and completed 07/2021. Above is my contribution. Hope you like it. This is what Minh had to say:

“Beautiful images, beautiful stereography, beautiful soundtrack, But do not be upset – your French is not very understandable. I will have to add subtitles.”

Writer/Director: Kate Sullivan
Music/Sound Design Cerys Hogg
Gun Smith: Bryan Farr
Thanks: Pam Bann
Special Thanks: Minh Hoang
Producer: Minh Hoang

Courant 3D, Angoulême, France October 2021

Above: The Minhirig Trophy – an extraordinary rig created by Minh Hoang.