Holiday 2014/2019
3D Digital Video: Pocket camera
Music by Jean-Michel Jarre

Fuelled by lectures from Antoine Le Bos and Fran├žois Garnier (Cross Channel Film Lab 2015), I’m continuing to explore new ways of working with the medium.

The lectures were a revelation: I was not alone in noticing stereoscopy’s ability to transform inanimate objects into ‘co-presences’.

The film contains three of my loves: Carnac Menhirs, crazy golf and Jean-Michel Jarre’s analogue synths. (Yes, the music is cheesy but there is something about the analogue synth that ‘gets you in the guts’ as artist Lorraine Bowen once put so well!).

Bon voyage!

Ps. The text at the beginning was added order for it to qualify in my 3D club, ‘the Stereoscopic Society’s monthly show’s theme of ‘History’.
I’ve learnt a lot about shooting 3D from my club – I could shoot this film a lot better now. A good excuse to go back to visit my friends.

More early 3D experiments here.