Thanks for visiting my website.

I’m a Shoeburyness-based artist, working with moving image, photography, stereography and sound to create experimental portraits of people and place. I’ve created a number of award-winning short films and shown work at Morley Galley, Derby Quad, The BFI, ICA, LUX, Twenty One Gallery and Focal Point’s outdoor screen.

I’m an animator/designer/director by trade and have contributed to many high-profile television shows such as Upstart Crow, Horizon and The Apprentice. I love working on kids’ content! Notably, I designed characters, sets and contributed major development work for ‘The Lingo Show’ (CBeebies’ first show to transfer from online to TV).

After lockdown I resolved to dedicate significant time and resources to developing my practice. Thanks to TOMA and NMAN I began to explore new materials, tools, ways and modes of expression. The journey is illuminating connections in my work, which I’m still trying write up in a coherent statement…

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