UNICA (Union Internationale du Cinema)
Digital video/animation/live interactive exhibits
2018 – present


A person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid rather than a professional basis.

From French, from Italian amatore, from Latin amator ‘lover’, from amare ‘to love’.

An ongoing project documenting and celebrating the world of amateur filmmaking and exploring ways in which to counteract the global decline in numbers of club attendees.

In 2018 I travelled UNICA in The Czech Republic to interview amateur filmmakers from around the globe. I asked them to make a short film which would allow the viewer to ‘visit’ their club. To my delight and extreme gratitude, many took up the challenge. In 2019 I created an interactive ‘club visiting’ exhibit at the UNICA Film Festival in The Netherlands.

The project continues to grow with the support of UNICA filmmakers.

Link to watch films so far

Above: Some images taken from a project I created for UNICA 2019. Each QR code sticker was a gateway into a different film club around the globe.
Stickers were collected and swapped throughout the week long film festival in Zeist, Netherlands.

The project generated a huge amount of enthusiasm for the project, and more films were made as a result. Sadly Covid 19 has put the project on hold for a little while,
albeit reminding us of the benefits of meeting in a  physical environment.