Our World Inside: Memory Lane
Digital video/animation/found footage

A micro-short about some online virtual walks (via Zoom using Google Maps), that I have been going on during lockdown with my lovely mum, Maggie Sullivan. It was made for award-winning director Ruth Ducker’s project,’Our World Inside’ a collection of 15-20 second shorts on the topic of interior worlds during lockdown.

The films have a limited green, red and yellow palette to help the collage work as a whole. Maggie and I made the film during lockdown, when her activities were very restricted, (she has COPD). I videoed the screen as we spoke over Zoom, (as we do on our virtual walks). We really did work together. Amongst other thing, she had the idea of having the roads light up like neural pathways.

Making this short and doing the walks have definitely made us closer.

The results of me and my mum's attempt at using magnolia wall paint as a green-screen has been seen all around the world. This is just a small selection of festivals that it's been screened at.