Animation. (35mm BW. 1/4″ Tape)

A brief portrait of the Isle of Arran.

Further investigation into observations that stereoscopy can invest inanimate objects with a sense of presence – and part of a bigger investigation into stereoscopy’s unique properties – and how these can be used to explore lived experience, new forms of portraiture, moving image and storytelling.


I’m almost going the the whole hog analogue with this one.

Letraset titles, 1/4″ tape (Stellaphone reel to reel) and some 35mm slide film… plus a tiny bit of digital editing and DAW-ing.

Made a silent version of this years ago and have always wanted to add some sound…

I ended up manipulating samples of 1/4″ recordings of unidentified early computer tech by the late great Tony Pritchett.

Who knows if he’d have liked the results. It’s a possibility, since he was a fan of such things.

Above: The film screened at Academy and BAFTA accredited, 40th Busan Film Festival. Click the poster above for details.

Above: The film screened at The 10th Horror On Sea Film Festival. Click to expand images of hauntological good times.
Click here to read an interview with yours truly.

Above: The film screened Courant 3D (2022), Angouleme, France.