I hope you enjoy this very short glimpse of the island. You can also see this film (and films by TOMA students), on the BigScreen outside Focal Point Gallery.

This film is made using 35mm, Ai and manipulated 1/4″ audio tape.

I’m working on identifying the audio. It contains recordings of early computers by the late British computer pioneer, Tony Pritchett. They may be from ‘Cybernetic Serendipity’ ICA, (1968) or possibly ‘Event One’ at The Royal College of Art (1969).


‘Otherness Island’ is part muse, part imaginary residency, part ode to otherness in all its forms.

If you like 3D and/or the images of the island, please see:

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I’m currently writing an essay about some of my thoughts about stereoscopy and how this to theories around phenomenological film and image-making.

Very best wishes and thank you for visiting!

Prof Kate Sullivan, Otherness Institute of Geographical Studies.