‘Shot of Sunflower’

A video portrait of my dad – keen amateur photographer Chris Sullivan.
The film focuses on Chris’s process and subsequent judging of his prize-losing photograph of a sunflower.
A poster (below) including a QR code to the film, was exhibited Chalkwell Train Station during Leigh Art Trail, as part of The TOMA ‘Tired of Waiting’ group exhibition.

Project Credits:
Chris & Kate Sullivan.
8 mins 40 secs.
Digital video (2023)

Thanks to Louisa Buck, and the TOMA cohort. Special thanks to Maggie Sullivan.

Poster displayed during Leigh Art Trail. Poster design by Kate Sullivan (2023)
Platform One, Chalkwell Station, Essex UK. Photograph by Kate Sullivan
'In Ensuite With Reflection'. Chris Sullivan. Digital Photograph. (2023)
'Sunflower' by Chris Sullivan (2010)

I hope these words are helpful.
If you change your mind about using the shot I wont be offended.
Love Dad

Shot of Sunflower
I was a member of a camera club and presented the shot in a club competition.
It did not receive much of an accolade, but this did not matter to me.
As author of the shot, it importantly reflects on the activity of growing some lovely flowers.
The photography drew my attention further to the lovely form and colour of the flower.
Reaching a personal decision on how best to display these features in a photograph, was arrived at to some extent by trial and error, and I found the whole process very rewarding.

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'Was going to call this Axisymmetrical in reference to a line in our film, but dad said Symmetry would be more technically correct' - by Kate Sullivan. Digital Photograph. (2023)

Related projects:
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‘UNICA’ (2019 – ongoing): A collaborative international project documenting the disappearing world of amateur film clubs.
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All these projects continue to generate some very positive stuff off screen. I’m happy to report that ’Shot of Sunflower’ continues this tradition.

"F9, 125th of a second, ISO 200 and a 35mm focal length". I used my dad's 'sunflower camera settings' to take a photo of a sunflower that me and my partner Cerys grew this year. My dad used a GH2 and I used a GH5. His photo wins.